4.0.5 beta now available

Posted by Jeremy Tue, 09 Oct 2007 11:42:00 GMT

Vault 4.0.5 has been two months in the making, which makes it the largest maintenance release yet for 4.0. There are several new features that we are sure that users will appreciate. We’ve tested it thoroughly, but would appreciate any feedback from users on the new features that we’ve added. You can download the beta at: http://www.sourcegear.com/vault/downloads.html

The largest changes are to the Visual Studio 2005 client:

  1. A new Change Bindings dialog, which will allow users to configure an unbound solution with bound projects. This also moves the online/offline and binding operations from the context menu.

  2. The Double-Get fix, which means that no longer will users be required to perform two get operations to get files that have been added to a project or solution.

  3. The bin directory should no longer be added to source control for web site projects.

For the full release notes of the beta, see http://www.sourcegear.com/vault/releases/4.0.5b.html

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