Vault 4.1 beta 1 is released

Posted by Jeremy Mon, 26 Nov 2007 16:48:00 GMT

During the development of the 4.1 Vault release and the 1.1 release of Fortress, we’re trying to find new ways of keeping our customers informed about the changes that are coming. The Vault Blog the first step on improving our communication. The next step of that effort is more beta periods to give users a chance to offer input. We’re happy to announce the availability of the first of two planned beta periods for the 4.1/1.1 release. To ensure that more people can try this beta, the client portion of the beta will be able to connect to a 4.0/1.0 server. If you have questions, or just want to find out what people think of the beta, you can do so at our support forum. To see the web client portion of Fortress 1.1 in action, go to

Here are some highlights of the new Beta:

Fortress Changes

  • Tag Clouds. This new feature will help you to track work items by marking related bugs with keywords. For example, it would be possible to mark all bugs where words are misspelled with the “grammar” tag, regardless of which part of your system they occur. There are also views that help you look at a work item query and see at a glance, the relative weights of Assignees, Priorities, Categories, etc… For more details on this new feature, see:
  • New Query Page / Saved Queries. The saved query feature, which was formerly only available in the Fortress Visual Studio client is now in the Web Client. Also, there is a new Work Item Query page.
  • Paste and Edit images on the clipboard. This beta will introduce a new streamlined way to put images into work items. For this beta, this feature will only be available in the Fortress Eclipse plugin, but support for the Visual Studio plugin and the Windows GUI client will be added in the future.

Visual Studio Changes

  • Visual Studio 2008 Support. This beta is the first release to support Visual Studio 2008.
  • Legacy Options. Many users requested that some of the source control options that were supported in the 2003 compatible client be implemented in the 2005 client. The first two options supported are: Get Latest when a solution is opened and Check In when a solution is closed.

Java Clients

  • Ant Tasks. This beta introduces support for Ant tasks.
  • Java CLC. For users on non-Windows platforms, there is now a Java based command line client.



  1. mike said about 1 month later:
    will it work with vista 64bit? in 64bit iis?
  2. Jeremy said about 1 month later:
    The beta 1 server does not work with Vista 64 (it still hangs on install). We've figured out the cause of the hang, so the beta 2 server will install on Vista 64. The installed components will be 32 bit and will require that they be run in the IIS 6 compatibility app pool. Does that sound acceptable to you?
  3. James said about 1 month later:
    Thanks for posting this blog on the 4.1. It was very helpful and well written.

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