Give us your old VSS database, and you'll get a year of free Vault/Fortress maintenance

Posted by Jeremy Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:52:00 GMT

As most of you know, Vault started its life as “a compelling replacement to Visual SourceSafe” (I still love the movie that our marketing guy did for the initial Vault release). VSS influenced the feature set of Vault, and we’ve had a full-history import from VSS since day one. For our next version, we’re introducing a brand new VSS import feature that will make Vault the simplest and fastest way to replace VSS. Why am I posting that information here? Other than taking the opportunity to brag, I need help from those who’ve imported from VSS to Vault in the past.

We would like to build up a library of real-world VSS databases to verify that our new importer is as reliable and lightning-fast as we want. That’s what’s in it for us, but for but what’s in it for you? If we use your database, you will get:

1 year free maintenance for all of your Vault/Fortress users

What do you need to do? Send an email to and, we’ll send you the guidelines. And yes, we will sign an NDA promising not to give out your data.

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