We are dog-fooding SourceOffSite 5!

Posted by Jeff Clausius Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:17:00 GMT

You may might have seen the announcement regarding SourceOffSite 5 in the SourceGear Newsletter Issue #03. Let me provide some additional information.

In order to gather some early feedback, we are planning a Customer Technology Preview (CTP) release sometime in May/June. The CTP will be a Windows GUI release only showcasing our current ideas for SourceOffSite on this platform.

In this vein, we hit a major milestone! We are now officially dogfooding SourceOffSite 5 in the actual development of SourceOffSite 5. While there is a bit of a bottleneck working outside of Visual Studio, dogfooding has paid off. I quickly found seven or eight overlooked display problems right off the bat.

For those interested in test driving the CTP, please email sosbeta@sourcegear.com to sign up for the release.

The CTP release is getting close. Stay tuned for more news.

Jeff Clausius

SourceOffSite Dev Team

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