Vault 5.0 and Fortress 2.0 released

Posted by Jeremy Wed, 29 Jul 2009 16:21:15 GMT

I’m excited to announce the release of Vault 5.0 and Fortress 2.0. The feature set should come as no shock, given that I’ve been posting betas for months, so I’ll skip the reiteration of the feature set.  Check the release notes for Vault or Fortress to see all the details.  Instead, for those of you who are following this, I’ll point out a couple of little things that got mentioned in the Beta 2 post, but they make me very happy.

Shelving in Eclipse or Visual Studio.  Let’s say I’m reading Pride and Prejudice in Visual Studio instead of working.  My boss comes in to tell me to get to work, so I create a shelveset so that I can continue reading my favorite book at home. 


When I get home, I fire up Visual Studio, and unshelve the book, and it opened the document and scrolled to the line I was on when I shelved it


This also works with source files, for those of you who don’t use Visual Studio as your text reader :)

Line History searches through VSS versions.  I love Line History, and I love VSS Handoff, so it’s not surprising that I love the intersection of these two features.  It was a very gratifying moment when I looked up a change that I made in 2002 (back when we were still using VSS).


All this history is still integrated as a first-class citizen, but the Handoff takes minutes, and you don’t end up with VSS history clogging up your Vault repository.

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