Vault 5.0.3 / Fortress 2.0.3

Posted by Jeff Clausius Thu, 04 Feb 2010 10:23:00 GMT

We just pushed Vault 5.0.3 and Fortress 2.0.3 out the door. This release addresses some of our most common issues as reported by Tech Support.

One of the more interesting changes was a logical change of how Undo is executed from the Pending Change Set. Before an UNDO would always revert the file back to its original baseline version. However, if you were working in “Check Out, Edit, and Commit” mode and were to Undo the locked file from the “File View”, users would encounter a different behavior.

For this release, we changed things so the behavior was synchronized between the File View and Pending Changes. If you have the file locked, and Undo a Check Out from either location, the Undo Check Out action is used. If you have the file just edited (and are working in “Modify, Merge, and Commit”), the file uses the old “revert” method.

There are additional changes we’ve made. You can get up to speed on the rest of the release at Vault 5.0.3 Release Notes or Fortress 2.0.3 Notes.


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