An update on Vault 6.0

Posted by Jeff Clausius Mon, 24 Jan 2011 13:23:00 GMT

Over the last month or so, we’ve been working on the planned features for Vault 6.0. There has been great internal discussion on which new features and customer requests to include in this release.

The official Vault 6 feature page can be found here at Vault 6 feature outline -

Here are some of the more noteworthy features that are tentatively planned for Vault 6:

    Content Searching - Vault 6 will have an index on repository file content. Clients will be able to search for files containing a given text string.
    Event Notification - A new event notification system in which users will be notified directly within the client of changes to the repository or a work item.
    Classic Client - Vault 6’s Classic Client will implement the latest specification for Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI).

For the Vault Professional users:

    Time Tracking - Functionality for time allocation within a work item to let you manage and track the time users spent working on a feature or bug.
    Work Item Audit Trail - Vault 6 will improve functionality around capturing and displaying modifications made to a work item’s details.

Some really cool stuff!

We’re excited about this release, and are tentatively planning a Beta program for Summer 2011.

Jeff Clausius Vault 6 Dev Team

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  1. Rob Goodridge said 2 days later:
    Thats a disappointing list of features - again. Still have major functional issues with merge tool and shelvesets. Why are you not working on these?
  2. said 3 days later:

    This list is not all inclusive, but hardly disappointing. In fact, some of these items satisfies the most frequently requested features.

    Regarding this comment, on the forum, I posted some tweaks to the merge wizard (this includes going over ideas from some of your posts).

    However, for shelving - nothing was really planned. And I don't see you've posted anything about. Any links to the forum where you posted feature requests would be appreciated.

  3. Kenny Munro said 17 days later:
    Any chance the integration with OnTime will get finished? This was a much trumpeted feature with 5.1 but is really only partially completed - it only interfaces with one of OnTime's four standard types and isn't as far as I can see supported by the VS client.
  4. said 17 days later:
    We're gathering suggestions on what needs to be done in regards to OnTime. I'll take down your feedback. Thanks, Jeff
  5. sam said about 1 month later:
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