Vault 8

Posted by Jeff Clausius Mon, 24 Nov 2014 16:46:00 GMT

As we approach December and the end of 2014, we also approach another important date… The release of Vault 8! As of today, Vault 8 is in QA for testing.

In addition to Vault 8’s new Cross Platform Client for OS X and Linux (see below), we’ve been busy improving the Windows GUI Client, Command Line Client (CLC) , Web Admin UI, and other components of Vault. Some of the more noteworthy changes include:

  • Custom external editors which allows configuration of the tool of choice for Diff, View, Edit, and Merge based on a file’s extension

  • File Properties view which displays all available Repository Explorer File List information for a singly selected file in a dockable properties view

  • Ability to hide cloaked folders from within Repository Explorer’s Folder List

  • ‘FINDLABELS’ is a new command available in the Command Line Client allowing a search for items labeled with a particular search string for a folder or its sub-items

  • Numerous fixes and tweaks to the Web Admin UI, .NET GUI, CLC, Client side API, etc.

The Vault 8 release should happen sometime in December. More info regarding Vault 8 to come shortly!

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