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Posted by Jeremy Wed, 08 Aug 2007 11:47:00 GMT

Welcome to all of you who are interested in following the progress of the next release of Vault and Fortress. Our next planned release will be Vault 4.1/Fortress 1.1, and will include new features, as well as many bug fixes. The goal of this blog is to include customers in the discussions that we have every day regarding how features should work.

Here are the kinds of topics you can expect to be discussed here:

  1. Previews of upcoming features. With these posts, we hope to show our designs for upcoming changes to you, our customers, early (sometimes before we’ve even started coding them). This will allow us to incorporate your feedback before it’s too late to change the design.

  2. Progress reports. We plan on having two beta periods for the next release of Vault, and we want to keep customers in the loop with regards to trying out the latest changes and keeping up to date on the scheduling of the betas and the final release.

Here at the start, I should give fair warning, this blog will not update as frequently as might be expected from a blog, but the updates should be high in content when they occur. I would recommend that everyone subscribe to the RSS feed early to automatically keep up with changes.

As always, thank you for following the progress that we’re making.

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